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Hospital Attire

Winter has begun to take stage. Fall has left,  and with its passing, sickness has arrived.  It is a common sight to see classes immersed in fever sweats. Unfortunately, students rarely stay home when sick. Rather, they suffer in class and sleep in their seats when permitted. Needless to say last week I’d fallen ill.

Chinese Hospitals. Its an interesting experience if one comes from the West. I highly recommend bringing along a Chinese friend if your language skills are lacking. But, if you know basic Chinese and typical treatment processes, then hell, give it a shot. It worked for me. 

I had an infection. If you know serious infections this means antibiotics are required. I walked away from the hospital with two impressions. Costs; I promise your wallet will barely feel it. Efficiency: Tragic. I had to go to the hospital 5 times in one week. Not for being sick but to correct my doctors mistakes. Each time I went to the hospital, my doctor prescribed me the wrong medicine. (I also went each time with a Chinese friend, meaning language was not a problem) On one such occasion my doctor gave me a discontinued medicine that had nothing to do with my ailment.

Needless to say, it was a stressful week. My advice, treat yourself when you are sick. If you know exactly what ails you, tell your doctor. Research, research, research. Prior to going to the hospital, know the specific medicine you need, don’t leave until they give it to you.

This sounds insane, but after your first time, it is quite a simple game.

Best of luck in the cold season



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