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A New Pace

Spring Festival has come to an end. Recently I’ve returned to Shanghai after traveling south with my friends. During the holiday, we were fortunate enough to explore four cities, Hong Kong (HK), Guangzhou, Haikou, and Sanya. Together allowing, us to see southern China, in a brief two week stint. I enjoyed each for different reasons, but, it is here, that I wish to speak of only one. 

Hong Kong

HK is not the China I’ve come to know.  As I am sure you understand, China is big. I cannot stress that enough. Cultural differences are innately sown within the land. But, this…this was the most palpable cultural change I’ve yet to come across. It is apparent, the CCP’s long reach, failed to encapsulate the territory. Prior to HK, the most noticeable difference between the cities, was architecture and expat levels.

I use to believe Shanghai was a ‘new age Metropolis’. In many ways, I’ve realized these views were false. The ‘cyberpunk’ inspired architecture seen in pictures is about all one gets of future living. HK is the closest I’ve seen reach my previous hope. Well, no… omit ‘new age’. HK is strictly a pure, modern day metropolis.

The city is shamelessly mainlining, unadulterated, Western ideals. The moment you emerge from the subway, a profound sense of New York City hits. Most days are spent struggling to remember where you are. The aggressive and repetitive nature of western advertisements, causes one to forgot, the east remains beneath your feet.

All in all, would return.

Neon traditional Chinese characters littering the streets, and tightly packed housing, flooded with citizens, made for an interesting treat. Combined with beautiful mountains surrounding artificial lights, HK deserves your time.

I suggest you spend it.



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