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Hello from Chongqing


Hello everyone! My name is Jared O'Loughlin and I'm a new blogger here, so I thought I'd introduce myself and explain my situation in China.

I moved to China about two months ago to teach at Chongqing Multinational HRM Co. Ltd. Yes, it's a mouthful, but I'm essentially an English teacher for a flight-attendant training program. I work with Alexis Pellerin, another CIEE blogger.

Work has been very challenging so far, but I can't complain because I love my students and I love teaching. My class sizes are very small and some of my students are so great at English that it feels like I'm just sitting down to have a conversation with friends. 

Chongqing as a city is incredible. The people are amazingly friendly, the food is delicious and spicy, and the city is exciting. It's incredibly easy to make Chinese friends here because everyone is so friendly, especially to foreigners, but for the times when I just need to speak some English, there is also a great community of expats that are always willing to get a drink and hang out.


I'm really loving my time here in the Mountain City. Look for my blog posts over the next year!

谢谢大家! 下一次见!



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