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洪崖洞 (Hongyadong)

One of the most beautiful places in Chongqing, in my opinion, is Hongyadong. It's a small area in Jiefangbei district full of shops, restaurants, and bars. By day, it's a beautiful little spot with old-style buildings that look like they belong on a postcard:

At night, though, Hongyadong lights up and it's absolutely incredible:

My favorite part of Hongyadong is the food. There are countless shops along the main street on the 4th level. You can buy grilled meats on sticks, bowls of spicy soup, milk tea, beef noodles, and fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also some foreign restaurants such as Cactus, which serves delicious (although expensive) TexMex food. There are also a number of bars scattered throughout the village and it's a fun place to explore at night.

Look for a small imports shop in the back corner on the 5th floor behind the souvenir stalls. There are two wonderful ladies there who immediately sat me down for a cup of fresh tea when I wandered into their store. 



It's also the first place where I found a Subway here in China. Let me tell you, sandwiches are definitely an American thing because this was the first place in all of China where I was able to buy a sandwich. Of course, like all foreign food, it was a little expensive, but it was definitely worth it.

Hongyadong is a great place to hang out day or night. During the day, there are plenty of tea shops and restaurants with wifi and outdoor seating. At night it's a bustling center for snacks and bars. It is definitely worth checking out here in Chongqing.


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