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My First Day Teaching

What a successful day it has been!

Throughout the night, I kept waking up just about every hour. My body is still trying to get used to the time zone in China. 14 hours later than Chicago. With a mix of jet lag and being excited/nervous, I sprung out of my bed at about 4am. Oops. But hey, nothing wrong with getting an early start on a big day, right? Right.

My roommate Joy shows me the way to my kindergarten school. I couldn't contain my excitement the whole 45 minute bus ride sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. (Joy probably thought I was a little crazy, but that's okay). I enter the school and am greeted by the friendliest teachers and the CUTEST students I have ever seen. 

I had 4 classes today, all kindergarten classes and all in a row. I could barely catch my breath between classes; there was just so much excitement and energy. I felt like a little super star in the classrooms with teachers on the side taking pictures and students high fiving me. Each class was filled with games and songs. I taught them a hello song, we played "Teacher Says", practiced animals, played hot potato, practiced "My name is...", "How old are you?", and so much more. It's crazy the amount you can do within a 30 minute time period. 

I am very happy with how today went and can't wait for more with these munchkins!

My advice for future teachers: Stickers + songs + games = SUCCESS


Sticker Time = Best Time
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