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A Restless City

Accessibility is a common trait found in an urban environment. If so inclined, everything rests at your fingertips. Shanghai, is no different. Whatever interests may arouse you, rest assured, a niche for it lies in wait.

The heart of Shanghai bleeds opportunity. Pure, clean, and undiluted. Early on, the night lights may hold your gaze, but until you meet the belly of the beast, you’ve yet to settle in. Here, in the confines of the landscape, ambition becomes your only friend. Use it.

One hobby that I partake in is skateboarding. A goal of mine was to find a community of riders upon arrival. Before coming, I discovered the sport was not particularly cared for. Though, to be fair, reception has begun to rise recently. Be that as it may, not many skateboarders can be found. With a population of 20 million people, only a 1,000 claim to follow the sport. Roughly speaking, in a crowd of 20,000, only 1 skateboarder exists.

My prospects for continuing the activity was not a hand I’d safely bet on. But, as with most hobbies in Shanghai, if you look for it, you will find it. After a week of research, a board was bought, and a club was joined.

As mentioned previously, your opportunities are endless.

All that’s required is effort. 

Just move.



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