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Future Sounds

Music. I enjoy it.

The sentence prior is one of the greatest understatements I could write. But, as with most dealings, there is a schedule to uphold. For the interest of both parties, know that it makes me happy.

Back to the story.

Western pop anthems echo nightly throughout the districts. When Taylor Swift fails to grace your ears, top billboard bangers fill the void. As you may have guessed, I am not a fan of mainstream tunes, but, I do understand, they supply a demand. 

Originally, when I first lived in Shanghai, I failed, quite miserably, to break into the music scene. I came to believe that my love of underground music would never be met. Come round two, I realized that the responsibility rested entirely on me. 

I have been fortunate of late, very fortunate indeed. Over the last two months, I’ve befriended a group of music promotors. With coexisting passions, my new friends and I venue hopped anxiously. I am pleased to share that the music scene in Shanghai is strong. Well, that can be debated.  More accurately stated is that of growth. Indeed, a complex growth IS  happening, far more than I remember.   

Too much has happened to word.

I’ll will write more on this as updates arrive.



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