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The State of Knowledge_∞_

In China, education reigns supreme. From an early age, a full course load of traditional learning is served daily. The country’s youth are molded, routinely, in an intense academic lifestyle.

Sleep deprived students is a common sight within the boundaries of Shanghai. Until the sun falls, the students are hard at work. Late into the night, with rest put on hold, these youngsters focus their brains. I appreciate dedication. I truly do. But forced dedication is an entirely different matter. It is apparent, that the children long to erase the taste of chalk from their mouths.

Do not get me wrong. I find education to be crucial in development. That said, pure academics alongside early youth development allows creativity to suffer. Play time for adolescents is just as important as having an understanding of mathematics.

There are pros and cons to every system. But, I am struggling to find the positives in the educational system of China. I asked a few Chinese adults for their thoughts on the issue. They all proceeded to laugh and respond, ‘well… we are good at math’.

Am I missing something?

I am uncertain, but for the sake of a goodnights rest, I do hope that a piece has been missed.



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