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Step One: Learning

The focus of the last few days was on learning before we go off to do some teaching. Walking through the city of Shanghai I tried to take in as much as possible.


The language was the first thing to hit me. I am now cursing the people that told me I didn't need to learn the language ahead of time, but I am also very thankful to my colleagues who have already started me down the path of learning Chinese.


The food ranges from things I love to things that I may not try a second time. At the top of the list of delicious tastes are: dumplings (of a variety of flavors/fillings), the fish we tried today (pictured below), some yummy dessert puffs that I can only describe that way since I do not yet know the Chinese name for them, and fried noodles at breakfast time! We've also enjoyed two tea houses and plan to find our favorite one in Nanchang once we get there.


On that note, time for bed! We have an early flight in the morning.


IMG_4327A hidden tea house - delicious tea!

IMG_4341Number one rule: don't knock it 'till you try it! Yummy!


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