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Final Thoughts - 再见中国

With the final week being as busy as it was I’m not surprised that I didn’t find the time to write before I left. The last several days I spent in Nanchang were full of activities, friends, laughter, and a slight pang of regret about leaving.


The students I taught and the friends I made are what made this experience so special and valuable. I spent the past 9 months teaching - I threw a lot of information at my students and they took it in stride. I became friends with many of them - this may sound strange, but in China it’s really not - and they had plenty to teach me as well.


My Chinese is mediocre at best, but I’ve been encouraged to continue learning (if only to impress my students and friends in the future). All of the hardworking and friendly people I met this year were a major inspiration for me. I would consider myself generally hardworking and friendly to begin with, but the positivity of this experience pushed me to be more than that.


I still don’t know what the next chapter of my life will entail, but a few things are clear...

I will keep in touch with all of these wonderful people as much as possible.

I will devote myself to studying Chinese at least to a moderate proficiency.

I will try to harness my positive traits and magnify them, while limiting any negativity.


And last, but certainly not least, I WILL return to China in the future!


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