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The true gem of China

Honesty is something that is frequently underestimated. The honest pursuit of wealth, or rather the honest gain of material wealth, Whats-more, the more important things: Happiness. Health. How often have you neglected your body? How often have you said you would put it off. I’m guilty. Be honest. Be true to who you are, what you will become. Always grow. Growing as you breathe, you can then learn to be one with yourself. Meditation is a key to knowledge. In order to elevate yourself, you must lower yourself. Let the qi and blood course throughout your body. You are alive. Make sure you always remember: this life is a gift. It is a beautiful, precious, and fragile gift. Don’t live it like you are dying. Live it like you will live forever. Don’t drown your pain in alcohol or material possessions. At the end of your life, what will you have to draw from? One second by every second, slowly, slowly. Rome was not built in a day, or even in many years. People died. People suffered. Everything revolves around time. 


In China, honesty is a huge part of the culture. Rather than the pursuit of money and power, they have thousands of years of history to draw from. They are the world’s oldest civilization with a rich language that much of the Western world feels is a mystery. We know their symbols, their emblems, and the main idea of their culture. Honor your father and mother. Honor yourself. Honor your relationships. Honor is the root, but honesty and compassion tie hand in hand with that. Without true expression of emotions, you are simply a “human doing” not a “human being”. 


China has taught me valuable lessons about my life, but it is not the society itself or the complex language or any of those things that are the true gem of China. Chinese culture is the true beauty. Chinese medicine has been proven to work across thousands of years. Why now, in the west, we consider it quackery is a bigger mystery than the traditional script itself. 


In the West we honor the Asian society but we know nothing of its wonder and beauty. There is so much left untouched, so much more left to be explored. Don’t get my meaning confused.. China is not a utopia. There is ignorance that runs in families even.. just as frequently as the United States. It’s a deeper wound than we thought in the world. We all bleed the same red blood. We are one, but so drastically apart from one another that some bleed to forget it. 


I won’t pretend to have knowledge of anything I am not capable of having knowledge of. When I came to China, I could barely form correct English sentences due to my physical and mental exhaustion prior to my arrival. I am still very damaged and I will revel in and embrace the brokenness of both myself and society for as long as I live. But I will improve my body. I will improve my mind. I will train to control my mental and physical health. I have the capability to be the master of myself.  


The basics of Chinese medicine are still very new to me, as I am an Amateur in every since of the word spanning across hundreds of different subjects, much more than I had ever realized. I am weak in ways that I never thought imaginable, but yet capable of much higher-level thought and power. Releasing yourself of the fear of failure. Releasing and being free. Flying higher.


In Chinese traditional thought, the yin and yang is seen as two opposing forces that contrast and compliment one another. The word for nutrition in Chinese is actually “yin yang”. In the West we say, “You are what you eat” 


Think about it. Consider the impact you have on other people, but more importantly yourself. Another phrase, “You can’t help others unless you help yourself!”  


And thus, begins the process. I will clean my body and mind over the next couple of months and years. 

More updates to be coming soon.  

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